Preventative Health Clinic

Our purpose: Shift the focus of healthcare from reactive medicine to proactive preventive care.

In addition to on-site health screening services, Preventative Health also provides follow up Preventative Care, Primary Care and Acute Care at our Preventative Health Clinic.  Our mission at Preventative Health is to shift the focus of healthcare from reactive medicine to proactive preventative care.  Health screenings – whether onsite at an employer or at a medical office are a necessary and important first step in this mission.  Our goal with the Preventative Health Clinic is to provide access to additional health care services that may be needed as a result of the health screening. 

The purpose of health screenings is to provide each patient with information and guidance regarding their current state of health.  Depending upon the results of a health screening, follow up care may be recommended to address a medical issue before symptoms manifest.  Many health screening participants have a primary care provider (PCP) and at the patient request we will forward on their health screening results to their PCP.  However many of our health screenings participants do not have a PCP and the Preventative Health Clinic serves as an option for follow up care with the same clinical team that provides our health screenings services. 

For more information on the Preventative Health Clinic, please contact our office at 208-853-2273 or